S.R.B. Photography

S.R.B. Photography

Hello Visitors,

Everything has beauty, I want to capture it!

I started taking photos to follow my fathers passion and broaden my artistic horizons. I studied art in depth in high school, learning about all forms. I learned first on film, learning to develop my own. This method gave me a foundation that has followed me throughout my career. I have made the switch to digital but the patience learned with film stands true.

Over the years I have grown as an artist and have once again broadened my artistic horizons by offering both portraits and commercial work. In portraits I strive to capture the feeling and create an image that will stand out as unique. Even working with traditional style I bring the knowledge to make the image strong. With commercial I will work closely with the client to get across the message in story telling images that can sell a location, or product.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, I hope to work with you soon!
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Spencer Butterfield
S.R.B. Photography LLC

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