About Me - S.R.B. Photography

Everything has beauty and I want to capture it!

I started a life long passion for art with drawing and painting. In high school I took a class in photography to broaden my artistic horizons and have since been in love with the emotion I can capture with photography.

I use my technical skills and expertise I’ve learned combined with creativity and composition to produce images that tell a story. To freeze in time a special moment to be enjoyed forever.

I have taken a wide variety of photos, from Mount Rushmore, to a 150+ rider women’s motorcycle rally. My foundation as a Fine Art Photographer gives me the unique qualities needed to capture your one of a kind moments.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me, I hope to work with you soon! Don't forget to like me on my Facebook page for special offers and promotions!

Spencer Butterfield

S.R.B. Photography LLC

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